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HDMI ESD EFT Protector Ligawo

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According to the Electrostatic Discharge Association approximately 30 percent of all equipment defects can to ESD / overvoltage traced. The greatest risk factor for equipment is the human contact and any resulting electrostatic discharge. With the Ligawo 6518739 HDMI ESD / EFT Protector protect your HDMI devices reliably from electrostatic discharge, partial discharges via connected cables and against transient electrical disturbances.


The Ligawo 6518739 ESD EFT Protector Simply put between your HDMI connections, for example between BlueRay player and TV. The 6518739 then provides reliable and durable, and requires no power supply or ground wire. Many electronic devices are not or only slightly (Human Body Model) from ESD protected and electrostatic discharge delivered. The 6518739 has been extensively tested and reliable protection in the spectrum of IEC 61000-4-2 / ​​4.


Features General:

- Ligawo 6518739 ESD EFT protection for HDMI devices


Properties Structure:

- High-quality, lightweight aluminum housing

- 2x HDMI terminal (input and output)

- Measures approx 52x48x16mm, weight about 38g


Technical specifications:

- does not affect the HDMI signal, therefore compatible with any HDMI signal / Version

- high quality certified ESD EFT Protector (. Emtek 20.01.2014 No ES140120159E)
- tested according to standard: IEC 61000-4-2: 2008 / B, IEC 61000-4-4: 2012 / B test result: passed
- tested with ESD tester Teseq NSG 438A and impulses module INA 4380-150pF / 330Ohm

- tested with Burst Tester Heafely PEFT4010
- silicon-avalanche technology, no loss of quality



- Ligawo 6518739 ESD EFT Protector, manual

HDMI ESD EFT Protector Ligawo

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